Cuyahoga County to update 911 technology to provide more efficient service

CLEVELAND - A resolution was introduced on Tuesday to the Cuyahoga County Council to make a contract award to Emergency CallWorks, Inc. for Next Generation 911 services.

The new technology will provide enhanced reporting and mapping capabilities that will allow for better service and response.

Earlier this year, County Executive Ed FitzGerald unveiled the Cuyahoga County 911 consolidation plan. Currently, the average 911 equipment is around 10 years old.

"Public safety has been our priority since day 1. A focus on regional effectiveness and long term adaptability to new technologies and efficiencies is the backbone of this initiative. We can be efficient, effective and adaptable while ensuring due diligence," FitzGerald said.

The use of the Next Generation 911 technology throughout the county will make the transition easier for those communities that engage in consolidation efforts.

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