Cracker Barrel shooting victim Kayla Allen baptized in hospital bed, still in critical condition

CLEVELAND - Despite still being in critical condition, family members of Kayla Allen had her baptized in her hospital bed on Monday.

Posted to the Kayla Allen Benefit page on Facebook, family members wrote Monday was "a big day for Kayla. She was baptized by Pastor Dave!"

Pastor Dave was her mother Kate's pastor, who performed the memorial service for her and her 9-year-old daughter, Kerri.

The baptism took place at Kayla's bedside, with a small group of friends and family members by her side, after her aunt learned over the weekend that Kayla was never dedicated to the Lord.

Written on the benefit Facebook page wall were several signs of improvement, including Kayla's breathing strengthening.

"Thank you to all who prayed so hard. If she continues to improve through the night, the doctors want to take her off the ventilator tomorrow." It is not clear if Kayla has been removed from the breathing device.

"The neurologist told us that he continues to see small improvements each day. (Kayla) is such a fighter!"

"Kate, I'm sure, is thrilled that she is baptized. She wanted so badly to get both girls baptized by Pastor Dave," Kayla's aunt wrote. "Me and the nurse were pinching her and she was responding to us by pulling her legs away. The nurse also asked her if she could see Aunt Christy and there were three of us in the room and she mouthed the word yes (as best as she could with a tube in there)."

Family members said they know they need to be cautious with their enthusiasm, as Kayla's condition has been a roller coaster ride with ups and downs, but are basking in the glory of the improvements Kayla seems to be making.

The 10-year-old is the only survivor in the deadly shooting by her father at the Brooklyn Cracker Barrel. The shooting claimed the life of her sister, Kerri, and mother, Kate. Police shot and killed Kevin Allen, the father, when they said he didn't comply with their orders to surrender.

The fatal shooting happened at the restaurant while the family was celebrating Kerri's birthday.

The Tiedeman Road Cracker Barrel was closed for nearly two weeks after the shooting. It reopened on April 24.

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