Cox Cable workers brave frigid January temps

Cold weather affecting cable line connections

PARMA,Ohio - Cox Cable Field Network Technicians Bob Collins and Scott LaPorta are used to braving northeast Ohio's bitter weather, but even after decades of being high in the air for Cox Cable Corporation working on sometimes weather-beaten cable lines, this year's frigid winter blasts are starting to make them shake their heads wondering when it's going to let up.

"As far as the cold goes, it ranks right up there. Definitely in the top five," said LaPorta.

With wind chills well below zero for several January days already, the two veteran field techs may not like it, but they're used to it. "It's all part of customer service," said LaPorta.

Working the early shift from 3 a.m. to noon each day, Laporta and Collins brave some of the day's coldest temperatures. Both try to work a possible neighborhood network problem simultaneously, but often they work in separate shifts during days with subzero blasts.

"If it gets real cold we try to double up with each other. One guy down on the ground, one guy up working while the other one stays warm," said Collins.

For the Cox field network technician team, it's sometimes about self-preservation.

"When it's this cold if there's an imperfection with the cable, animals chew on it, water will seep in to the cable and actually freeze the inside of a cable. So, when that happens it cuts off the signal so we have get up on the lines to alleviate that," said Colins. "We dress in multiple layers just about everywhere. It's been pretty brutal out there."

Cox Cable and its crews service ten territories in Cuyahoga county.

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