Garfield Heights police say drunken driver hit construction worker on Granger Road

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - A construction worker was hit by a car on Granger Road in Garfield Heights on Wednesday.

The worker was severely injured and knocked unconscious under the Interstate 480 overpass. He was taken to Marymount Hospital, and then flown to MetroHealth Medical Center.

Garfield Heights police said the female driver was arrested for driving under the influence. She has not been charged and the counts depend on the victim's condition.

"Some of the common things that I've seen people behind the wheel doing [includes] texting, looking down for something or putting on their make-up. Those are things that can wait," said Amanda Lee with the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Last year a construction worker was killed along I-90 in Avon. Lee encourages people to pay attention to the road especially in a construction zone. "When you're traveling through a work zone you defiantly need your full attention because things are going to change. Maybe you don't encounter the same thing you did yesterday [even if] that's the same way you travel each and everyday," said Lee.

Police will have more information on Thursday.

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