Construction nails causing headaches for drivers, increase in punctured tires

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio - Frank Drellishak has a fish bowl full of all the sharp objects he has pulled out of tires over the past couple of years -- everything from a stick to a pair of scissors. And lately, he's putting a lot of nails in the bowl.

"I'd say we've probably seen about a 40 percent increase in punctures in tires within the last couple of months," he said.

Perhaps it's the price drivers pay for progress.

Despite falling temperatures, construction projects are underway around the Cleveland area. Jack Eisenhut, who works in construction and has had multiple punctures on his vehicles, says it's not hard to find a nail that's just flown off a truck rolling down the highway.

"You can't stop and avoid the nail," he said. "How are you going to see it? It's just something we have to live with."

Meanwhile, Drellishak recommends drivers keep an eye on tires every morning before leaving the house, and see a professional mechanic if the tire pressure light is on.

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