Colozza's Bakery in Parma making 16,000 paczki; unveiling new Nutella & strawberry fudge flavors

Bakers at Colozza's Bakery in Parma have worked since 9 p.m. Monday in preparation for the Fat Tuesday crush of paczki-loving customers.
The long hours were necessary considering the crowd started coming in at 5 a.m. to purchase the delicious deep-fried Polish pastries. 
The paczki looks like a donut without a hole but is richer and is filled with jam flavors, anything from lemon to chocolate to custard. It's a Polish treat many indulge on before Lent begins.
Colozza's has two new flavors this year, Nutella and strawberry fudge. 
This year the bakery expects to make 16,000 paczkis.
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