Colder air moving into Cuyahoga County, doctors say take precautions

CLEVELAND - If you thought Monday was cold, just wait until Tuesday. 

NewsChannel5 meteorologist Jason Nicholas said some of the coldest air in two years is moving into our area. The temperatures struggled to get out of the teens on Monday.

Many people bundled up and took advantage of the free or reduced admissions at museums in University Circle, including children skating at the ice rink. Some students had the day off because of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.

Lasomanic Lawson Walker is the mother of three. She wrapped a black scarf around her daughter to keep her warm at the ice skating rink.

Walker drivers her kids to school, said "But I worry about the kids who walk because if you are out here more than 10 or 15 minutes, it's blustery cold. You can feel it on toes, hands and ears."

Doctors in the Cleveland Clinic emergency department are prepared for the influx of cold-related problems that come along with the frigid temperatures.

Dr. Thomas Tallman said frostbite, hypothermia, falls on ice and heart attacks are some of the ailments that doctors expect to treat.

"Don't be outside unless absolutely necessary," Tallman said.

Frostbite can happen within minutes of being outside with skin not protected. Doctors said limit time outside, dress in layers and cover as much exposed skin as possible.

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