Cold weather car care tips

STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - As temperatures drop, the chances of your vehicle failing goes up. Maintaining your car, SUV, or truck in subzero temperatures can save you plenty of headaches, and maybe even your job if the non-starting car in your garage fails you when it dips below zero.

President & CEO of Rad Air Complete Car Care and Tire Centers Andy Fiffick said maintaining your car with quality replacement parts will ensure that your car will not only start, but also get you where you want to go safely.

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"The colder it gets, the better battery you need," said Fiffick. "When the weather gets cold, your battery loses its ability to crank your car over. The colder it gets, the better battery you need. When you look at your battery, they are all rated for cold-cranking amps. Try to use one rated at least 600 cold-cranking amps. I highly recommend buying the best battery you can because it will save you down the road and actually keep you on the road."

As the weather temperatures turn at water on the road to ice, you can bet salt is being applied to the roadways. That means a film of nastiness is sure to find itself to your windshield.

"Be sure to buy a top quality windshield washer fluid rated to at least -25 degrees for your car. Rain-X makes a washer fluid that can be applied through your car's washer system all year long," said Fiffick.

Rain-X can be applied in its small bottle form that is applied like a summertime wax. Wipe it on and dry it off after it dries to a hazy film.

"I would recommend applying the Rain-X material three or four times a year. You would not believe the difference going down the road," added Fiffick.

Another tip Fiffick recommends is pulling wet or snow-covered floor mats out of your car at night to keep moisture out of your car that cause windows to ice up as your car's heater evaporates snow and water.

"Bring them inside and let them dry out at night," Fiffick said.

If your door locks freeze up after a rain, Fiffick said to try a silicone spray that can be applied through the car's door lock cover.

"If that doesn't work, try a lighter to the end of your key. Careful, not too long so that damages the rubber part. It will go in and slowly melt the ice is done slowly," said Fiffick.

If your windshield wipers have been giving you trouble, it may be time to upgrade. Fiffick suggests a spring steel-type of winter wiper blade that won't stiffen up in freezing temperatures.

"Beam brand wipers are my suggestion. They also have an air guard on them, so that the wind catches on it, pushing it down as you go down the road," Fiffick said.

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