Cleveland native makes LeBron tribute video before James' shocking return to the city

CLEVELAND - Cleveland native Danny Wantz created the video "The Comeback King" two months ago in hopes LeBron James would consider coming home to Cleveland. 

"I wanted the video to serve as a voice from Cleveland to Lebron," Wantz said. "I thought it was important to apologize for the way things went down as well as lay out an argument for his return. To be honest, I never really thought the day would come."

Wantz' "The Comback King" video on Vimeo was a popular one, receiving 97,600 views with numbers being particularly high July 11-13. James made his decision on July 11. Needless to say, Wantz was very happy when he heard the news that LeBron would return to the #CLE.

"I am beyond thrilled that the video was received so well in the Cleveland circle. A lot of people will say that all this hype is silly because it’s just basketball, but those people will never understand what Lebron means to this community or what it means to be from Northeast Ohio," he said.

Watch Wantz' tribute video below.

The Comeback King from Danny Wantz on Vimeo.


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