Cleveland Heights police and fire departments warn residents of dangling tree branches after storm

The Cleveland Heights Forestry Department is out on the road Friday, cleaning up the downed trees from Thursday's snowstorm. 

NewsChannel5 crews drove around the city and noticed a lot of tree debris has already been removed from roads  throughout the area. The debris is now just on resident's front lawns or pushed to the side of the street so cars can travel.

The city's police department is warning residents of dangling tree branches they might not notice. On the Cleveland Heights Fire Department's facebook page, a post reads, "One of our officers had a near miss with a large branch falling near him this morning." 

On Thursday, the city said it had 800 hazards reported, many downed wires.

As of about 7 a.m. Friday, 14,000 people were without power in Cuyahoga County. Cleveland Heights was one of the hardest hit areas. 

Additional crews from other power companies are assisting. 

If you still don't have power, you can head to the Cleveland Heights Community Center Friday. It's on Monticello Boulevard. 


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