Cleveland family says dog named Zeus alerted them to fire on East 92nd Street

CLEVELAND - Crews battled a house fire Friday morning in the 1400 block of East 92nd Street near Ansel Avenue in Cleveland.

The fire broke out at about 8:30 a.m.

Everyone got out safely — thanks to Zeus.

James Keys said his grandmother lets the Rottweiler out of the backdoor and into the backyard every morning.

But Friday morning, for the first time ever, the dog named Zeus would not go outside. Instead, Zeus kept barking and pacing.

The barking woke up James, and his grandmother did not go back to bed because Zeus seemed agitated.

Seconds later they noticed flames coming from behind a wall. Zeus, James and his grandmother Mary Keys all ran outside and were not hurt, but their house was destroyed.

"That dog saved our lives. Zeus knew what he was doing. They say a dog is human's best friend and it was today," said Keys.

Larry Gray with the Cleveland Fire Department said pets especially dogs, cats and birds sense heat sooner than humans and react by making noise.

Keys said the house had a smoke detector but it did not go off right away.

Gray said dual sensor smoke detectors are the best ones because they sense fast-moving flames and slow-burning fires.

The Cleveland Fire Department will give out up to three free smoke detectors to each residence and will also install them for free.

You can call their hotline, Operation Save a Life, to leave a message and they will call you back to schedule installation.

The phone number is 216-361-5535.

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