Class rankings don't make the grade in Rocky River come 2016

ROCKY RIVER, Ohio - Graduation is about to change for the Class of 2016 in Rocky River. It’s been reported that the district is going to do away with class rankings.

So who would be the Valedictorian for the class? I can tell you right now! No one. All that would come to an end.

“Why can’t we have a little competition,” said Shelly Theiling, a parent at the school. The district believes a student striving to be in the top 10 percent of his or her class may miss out on other opportunities.

They may decide to take a class that will help them in the rankings opposed to taking a class they like.

“Sometimes when you’re playing the G.P.A. game it may detract from the real goal,” said Timothy Freeman, principal of Westlake High School. They got rid of class rankings nearly a decade ago.

Cleveland State University Associate Professor Dr. James Moore is against the idea. He said the competition it breeds is good for helping students deal with the real world.

“The workforce will evaluate them,” he said. Moore said as students compete for jobs after graduation “they’re going to be ranked.”

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