City of Cleveland laying down stripes for cyclists

CLEVELAND - The city of Cleveland unveiled a plan that made bikers very happy: striping a five foot bike lane on Detroit Avenue starting at West 25th Street.

The lane will go west for about a mile and a half. When the bikers start approaching West 65th and Detroit Avenue, the bike lanes will narrow. Eventually, cars and bikes will share part of the road.

The plan also allows wider access for parked cars. This lets bikers pass cars and not worry as much when a driver opens up their car door.

Veteran cyclist Paul Seidel is all on board for whatever makes it safer to cycle, but added, "just because the lines are up, you still have to pay attention when you are out on the road."

This is just the start of a larger plan that cyclists are envisioning. The city has offered plans for a bike route on the Detroit Shoreway. There were larger plans for a bike route, but Ohio's budget shortfall put that on hold.

The project hopes to be finished by the end of 2012 or early 2013.

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