Man in critical condition after slamming car into tree in front yard of Garfield Heights home

GARFIELD HEIGHTS, Ohio - A resident in Garfield Heights woke up to a mangled car that crashed into a tree in their front yard.

According to Garfield Heights Police, a 33-year-old man crashed his car into a tree and was ejected from the car in the 9600 block of McCracken Boulevard just after 12:30 a.m Wednesday.

Officers were called to Bonkers Cafe on Turney Road for a report of shots fired outside, when officers arrived they saw the man driving away at a high rate of speed. No one was injured at the bar and police said there was no indication why the man was shooting outside the bar.

The man was speeding down McCracken Boulevard when he lost control and struck a tree in a front yard of a home.

Police said the man involved in the crash was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition at MetroHealth Medical Center.

Alcohol is suspected to be a factor in the crash, according to police.

NewsChannel5 spoke with the homeowner who woke to find the mangled car in his yard. He said the home was damaged and pointed out skid marks above a front window.

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