Calvin Robinson, CLE firefighter, terminated from job after unlawful shift-trade investigation

CLEVELAND - Calvin Robinson, a Cleveland firefighter, was terminated by the City of Cleveland Wednesday after pleading guilty in a shift-trade scandal .

Robinson pleaded guilty in court April 10 to receiving unlawful compensation, a misdemeanor charge.

Robinson and 12 other Cleveland firefighters were indicted for theft in office and soliciting or receiving improper compensation in May 2013. Prosecutors said they paid others to work their shifts for them, allowing them to pull regular pay and benefits while missing regular training and daily duties.

Robinson, a 23-year veteran for the Division of Fire, was placed on administrative leave on May 22, 2013 pending adjudication of the felony and misdemeanor charges filed against him.

Now, 19 supervisors are facing administrative charges as a result of internal reviews surrounding the scandal.

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