Browns fans 'cautiously optimistic' after team starts Jason Campbell

Campbell to start as QB against Kansas City Chiefs

CLEVELAND - Cleveland Browns fans are "cautiously optimistic" after the team decides to change up quarterbacks and start Jason Campbell against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Browns fan Bob Becka said he had to resort to checking an ESPN's website to see if the Browns scheduled 10:50 a.m. press conference revealed any news.

The Sutton Hardware store manager said his local sports news interest couldn't be satisfied with the in-store music being played from its satellite national radio station source. 

"Up on the internet at lunchtime, popped up on ESPN's all over the internet," said Becka. "At this point they really didn't have much choice. The team wasn't responding with Weeden, there weren't many options, or more they could do. Campbell's been in that position before, let's give him a shot and see what he can do."

Much of the same reaction was found at Dodd Camera a few blocks away. Browns fans like Nancyanne Sinclair were ready to multi-task if forced to watch another Weeden-led football game. She said she often wonders what is going on in Berea's front office.

"Most Cleveland fans like myself, and other people I know, they'll watch the games, they'll go to them, but it's like trying to figure out what management and the coaches are doing. It can often being like...what?" said Sinclair.

For Sinclair, Browns games since 1999 have been..."Extremely disappointing," exclaimed Sinclair.

Fellow Dodd worker Eric Wethington grudgingly had Weeden on his fantasy football team. A points disappointment he pulled the trigger yesterday. According to sources close to the Browns facility, Browns coach Rob Chudzinski may have come to the same conclusion shortly after the Browns were trounced by an injury-ridden Green Bay team last Sunday.

"Honestly, I haven't seen Jason Campbell play," said Wethington. After dropping Weeden and picking up Alex Smith, Wethington was asked if Campbell may make be added to his fantasy team.

"He's not on my fantasy team at the moment, but we'll see what happens," laughed Wethington.

Most of Cleveland his hoping Campbell offers more than fantasies as well.

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