Broadview Heights family launches Facebook campaign to find their missing dog, Sienna

Cash reward offered for Sienna's safe return

CLEVELAND - A Broadview Heights family has been desperately searching for their lost dog, Sienna, launching a Facebook page to organize searches and gather reward donations for Sienna's safe return.

The Carpenter family says Sienna ran away from their East Sprague Road home in Broadview Heights around 9 a.m. on Jan. 13.

Some said they spotted Sienna on East Pleasant Valley, Seven Hills Tow Path, Orchardview and Meadowlane, but searches in those areas haven't led to Sienna.

Most recently, Sienna sightings have been reported in the development at Daniel and East Sprague and East Pleasant Valley and Oakwood. But searches there Saturday didn't pan out either.

Sienna is an Amstaff Pitbull mix, chocolate brown in color with a thick white stripe on her belly that goes all the way up to her chin. She's wearing a purple collar with home ID and county tags.

Her family is worried she may be out in this frigid weather or that someone has stolen her. The most recent post at 10:40 a.m. on the Facebook page "Bring Sienna Home" said:

A friend of one of my wife's friends saw Sienna's posting on her Facebook news feed. She said she was pretty sure she saw a dog matching that description with a collar near Rockne's in Strongsville on 82. I went out there last night about midnight and drove around the couple restaurants to look at the garbage areas. 1 area was locked with no visible way to crawl under or through the gates. The other was inside a concrete holding area with no way in. No paw prints, but they did have the trucks through there salting earlier in the day. :(

The Carpenters are hopeful with many keeping their eyes open for their beloved pet, that their rescue dog will be safely returned home.

Donations are being accepted as the family offers a cash reward for Sienna's safe return. Money given to the cause that doesn't get used will either be returned to the giver or donated to a local animal shelter.

"We plead that someone find her so that she can be saved from this brutal weather," said a family member who emailed Sienna's information to us.

If you see Sienna or know where she may be, please call the family at (216) 235-8972.

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