Brecksville-Broadview Heights to discuss student drug testing at school board meeting Monday night

BRECKSVILLE, Ohio - A controversial subject will be on the table Monday night when the Brecksville-Broadview Heights school board meets.

Random drug testing for students will be the topic at the 5 p.m. meeting.

School board president David Tryon said it will be a general discussion.  No specific proposal will be adopted Monday.

"If this program were to be ever enacted, it would be after much consultation with parents and community members and probably would take a whole year before it was ever enacted," Tryon said.

The policy, which is outlined online , says that all students wishing to play sports or participate in an extracurricular activity might have to be tested.

Students and parents would have to sign a consent agreement for the testing, which could occur up to three times during the academic year.

If a student refuses to take a urine test, they will be given a positive result, according to the policy draft.

Consequences for a positive result vary based on first, second or third offense.

Tryon said the idea came from students in the Community Awareness and Prevention Association, a coalition of parents, students, law enforcement and religious leaders whose mission is to keep drugs out of the schools in the community.

"We're into prevention," he said. "There's probably some kids who are using drugs improperly.  We don't know how many but certainly our interest is protecting the kids."

The meeting will be held at the Education Center located at 6638 Mill Road.

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