Brecksville breaking new ground in the city with new de-icer

City hopes new de-icer will save money

BRECKSVILLE, ohio - The city of Brecksville is trying something new. It's called Winterpave and if it works like expected it should cut down on the amount of money the city spends on roads.

"If it works as described, it would allow the snow not to form on the street and we wouldn't have to spend money to treat it," said Ron Weidig, Director of Public Service for Brecksville.

As the snow approaches, this will be the first test of Winterpave in northeast Ohio. It's currently being tested in only two other places in the country.

Brecksville City Council approved the idea ordered 280 tons of Winterpave. It's only being tested on a 1000-foot stretch of Barr Road. It was chosen because it's flat and Weidig feels they should be able to see quickly if it works.

"What it does," he continued, "is down to about 18 degrees it does not form ice or snow on the road. So up to 18 degrees, the road should look [clear]."

If the temperature falls below 17 degrees and it snows, the Winterpave is designed so it can easily be removed when you plow the road, never having to treat the road.

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