Bedford HS proves Johnny Manziel isn't the only 'Johnny Football' in northeast Ohio

Bedford player nicknamed "Johnny Football"

BEDFORD, Ohio - Johnny Manziel isn't the only "Johnny Football" in Northeast Ohio.

Bedford High School freshman Johnnie Monroe gets called that nickname a lot.  But other than their names, and the fact that they both play football, Monroe says he doesn't have much in common with Manziel.

"I'm just very quiet and I don't really like to showboat," Monroe said.

And while Manziel is a quarterback, Monroe plays defensive end.

Bedford football players weighed in Friday on the decision by the Cleveland Browns to draft Manziel.

"He's a really electrifying player who will translate energy to all the players to get us a win," senior Michael Skizenta said.

Winning is something the Bedford team knows how to do.  They made it to the second round of their playoffs last year.  And they expect no less from the Browns.

"They have the people," senior Jon Cunningham said. "They just have to come together."


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