Bedford Heights voters will decide name controversy with 'Jimmy Dimora Community Center'

BEDFORD HEIGHTS, Ohio - Bedford Heights voters will decide in November if the Jimmy Dimora Community Center becomes the Bedford Heights Community Center.

"Shall name of former Bedford Heights Mayor Jimmy Dimora be removed from the city's Community Center, which is currently named the ‘City of Bedford Heights Jimmy Dimora Community Center,' and renamed the ‘City of Bedford Heights Community Center'?"

Jimmy Dimora was mayor of the city for 16 years before becoming a Cuyahoga County Commissioner and the community center was named in his honor. Dimora was found guilty of federal corruption charges including conspiracy, bribery and racketeering -- and was sentenced to 28 years.

"I don't think, personally, we should have the name of a felon on the building," said Bedford Heights Mayor Fletcher Berger. "I have heard it on both sides, even the elected officials aren't on the same page on this," added Berger.

"I'm going to vote that his name is not removed. People make mistakes, for the city of Bedford Heights he did a good job," said Bedford Heights voter Kenny Huggins.

"I'm not sure, but I will be by November, " said voter June Licht.

Bedford Heights residents in November will not only decide whether to remove former mayor Jimmy Dimora's name from the community center, but how to move forward with naming city buildings.

"Shall Article XIV, Miscellaneous Provisions of the charter of the City of Bedford Heights be amended and supplemented by the addition of Section 14.07, Restrictions on the Naming of Municipal Buildings and Facilities, such that no municipal building or facility shall be named after an individual until after that individual's death; and any such naming shall be submitted to the electors for approval or disapproval at the next election held in November of any year?"

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