Bear terrorizes Brecksville cats, eats food left out in Fitzwater neighborhood

BRECKSVILLE, Ohio - Maybe invades is too strong a word. Maybe terrorizes is too.

But a bear definitely migrated to northeast Ohio--likely from Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky and/or Michigan, according to Brecksville animal warden Cliffette Thacker --and eaten cat food from outside a house in the Fitzwater neighborhood.

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What happens if you see said bear (or any bear, for that matter) in your next of the proverbial (or literal) woods?

A#1.) Stay calm. Freaking out will not make the bear go away. (ex. - Freak out = Running away, climbing a tree, anything that would make the bear chase you, etc.)

B#2.) Don't make eye contact and back away slowly. Give ol' Pooh Bear a chance to escape.

C#3.) Call the police ASAP. Then you can post about it on Facebook.

In all seriousness, the Brecksville Department of Animal Control is there to help so if you need them, just call 440-526-8900.

Click here for additional tips for keeping bears away from your house.

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