Baby safety gadgets on the market

CLEVELAND - At the target store in Steelyard Commons, there are several aisles dedicated to child safety products.

You can find thermometers, door locks, toilet seat locks, baby first aid kits, gates and covers for electrical outlets

Patrick Friery, store manager, said the store gets new inventory a couple of times a year. But some of these particular baby safety products were updated as recently as last month.

"I don't think it's overwhelming. Sometimes just new styles but new things coming in, new parts to it," said Friery.

If you want help babyproofing your home with safety gadgets, you can visit Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland.

The first floor of the hospital sells a variety of baby safety products. Safety experts are on hand to show parents how to use them. The hospital said they also carry some items manufactured for special needs kids.

"We have special ponchos that fit over the child and the wheelchair they may be in. We also have special mats that would help families get their children out in the case of a fire and keep them low under the smoke while evacuating. We've also thought about things like how we can make their health care records portable so that families can grab them in case of an emergency," said Kathryn Wesolowski, manager of the Injury Prevention Center.

You need to make an appointment before you go. Call the Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital hotline at 216-844-2277.

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