At least two weather-related deaths reported, authorities warning to dress properly

Emergency responders are again warning people to dress for the weather outside after at least two weather-related deaths have been reported in our Northeast Ohio area.

Both deaths were reported within the past 24-hours. 

In Akron, authorities say a 42-year-old man was discovered outside by the postman.  The victim, according to authorities, was not dressed for the weather wearing a spring jacket.

In Cleveland a 58-year-old man identified as Ray Campbell was discovered outside as well.  Neighbors believe he may have locked himself outside and fell trying to climb back in through a higher window.

"Even if you're just going out to get the mail, take the dog out, I would still dress appropriately because if you slip and fall and can't get up, it's still three degrees out,' said Parma Fire Department Spokesperson Doug Turner. 

As we were interviewing Turner, one of the Parma Company 5 ambulances returned from a weather-related emergency call.

"Just recently we went on a call, someone in a wheelchair got stuck in a snowbank.  So hopefully they were dressed appropriately," said Turner. 

Turner told NewsChannel 5 their ambulance crew transported that person to the hospital to be treated for cold exposure.

All throughout Northeast Ohio, hospitals are seeing an increase in weather-related Emergency Room visits. In Cleveland, the EMS Commissioner provided a list that shows different visits over the past to days.  One visit included a 34-year-old woman with a disabled vehicle who suffered from mild hypothermia.  

Another, victim included a 48-year-old woman locked out of her house and treated for cold exposure.

On East 68th St. where authorities discovered Ray Campbell neighbors were still shocked.

"It was just, it was breathtaking, I didn't know what to think," said Dasianee Hargges, who saw the victim from across the street.

"Minus-seven degrees is cold, I don't care what age you are," said Turner.

Young or old, the sub zero temps show no discrimination.  Anyone can be a victim, which is why authorities are reminding everyone to make sure you're dressed for the elements in case something happens.

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