Students sent home after bomb threat found inside Olmsted Falls High School

OLMSTED TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Olmsted Township Fire and Rescue report that there is no credible threat at Olmsted Falls High School after a bomb threat was reported this morning, causing students to be evacuated and authorities to perform a sweep of the school.

Though school officials said earlier that students would be allowed back in the building today to gather their belongings, NewsChannel5's Tracy Carloss reported Wednesday afternoon that they would be be permitted to do so today.

We're waiting to hear about tonight's activities.

A representative from the Olmsted Falls City School District Board of Education said there was a bomb threat found inside the school early Wednesday.

Marina Metzger, a 16-year-old junior at the school, alerted a teacher about the threat at around 7:20 a.m. after she and a classmate spotted it in the stall of the ladies' room near the cafeteria, she said.

Scrawled in black marker were the words, "OLMSTED FALLS BEWARE OF ME / I HID BOMBS IN THE SCHOOL / HAPPY HUNTING."

The school alerted police, and at around 7:50 a.m., school officials activated the fire alarm, sending students into the stadium and under its bleachers.

"It was really scary," Metzger said, "but then I thought about all the other schools that have had that happen recently."

Metzger and the rest of the high school students were bussed to the middle school and then released to their parents for the day.

GALLERY: Olmsted Falls High School responds to bomb threat

NewsChannel5's Terrence Lee said bomb-sniffing dogs were going through the school.

A parent at Olmsted Falls Middle School told NewsChannel5's Kristin Byrne said her daughter texted and said they were hiding under the bleachers and students were being bussed to the middle school.

"Law enforcement agencies are here. The situation is still unfolding inside the high school,'' a BOE representative said.

According to the board of education office, law enforcement set up a perimeter around the high school.

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