Local veteran to donate American flag to East Cleveland City Hall

Mayor expects flag pole to be repaired this week

EAST CLEVELAND - A Cleveland Heights resident and military veteran will donate an American flag to East Cleveland City Hall Tuesday night, but the city's council president is unsure whether they can fly the flag right away.

"We walked by their City Hall and noticed they don't even have a flag out there," said Elizabeth Perez, who led nearly 100 people on a 21-mile march Monday to call attention to her deported husband and the need for immigration reform. During her march, she passed by East Cleveland City Hall.

"I love our flag, I love our country," Perez added.

City Council President Barbara Thomas said she is eager to get a flag, too. She added that a storm last year damaged the flag and the pole. When she asked the administration for money to fix it, she said she got this response: "They said there is no money for a flag."

Thomas said a local veterans group tried to donate a flag following the storm, and that's when city officials realized the damage to the pole.

"We'll get it. I'll make sure we get it," Thomas said.

Thomas told newsnet5.com that the flag will be flying by the end of the week if it's unable to go up right away. East Cleveland Mayor Gary Norton also said he expects the pole to be repaired in the next few days.

The flag was donated by U.S. Congressman David Joyce. It once flew above the U.S. Capitol.

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