79-year-old man hit by van upset by Detroit Avenue and Manor Park crosswalk in Lakewood

LAKEWOOD, Ohio - Seventy-nine-year-old Army veteran George Stragisher was struck by a van Wednesday in the crosswalk on Detroit Avenue and Manor Park Avenue in Lakewood.

"Bruised, but vertical," Stragisher joked after being released from Lakewood Hospital.

But Stragisher turns serious when he talks about a red light that was replaced a while back with a small, crosswalk stop sign, which few people seem to notice.

"Of course I'm worried someone is going to be killed," Straisher said.

Stragisher activated the crosswalk's blinking lights, but was struck anyhow Wednesday. The driver who struck him stayed at the scene, and was cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian and paid a $300 fine on Thursday.

NewsChannel5's Paul Kiska tried to cross the crosswalk twice and both times drivers did not stop. He was forced to jump back to avoid being struck.

There are several senior citizen apartment buildings in the area and many residents can be seen walking to the bank or grocery story.

Lakewood Police Captain Gary Stone said police are now issuing more tickets to drivers who do not follow the signs and city leaders are investigating how to make the crosswalk safer.

Stragisher said he wants a stop light put back up at the intersection.

On Thursday, numerous people stopped by to tell NewsChannel5 how they were nearly struck recently.

There are other similar cross walks in Lakewood, but police admit the crosswalk at Detroit and Manor Park avenues has a lot of pedestrian traffic and is used by many elderly residents who live in the area.

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