78-year-old shoots teen trying to break into his Cleveland home

CLEVELAND - A 78-year-old man said he acted in self-defense Thursday night when he shot a teen trying to break into his Cleveland home.

Ted Ziolkowksi rents the house on the 7400 block of Clement Avenue. He said he was staying there last night because he was making some repairs to his place.

Around 11 p.m. Ziolkowski heard a knock on his back door, but didn't answer. Moments later, he heard someone trying to break in. He said he pushed the door open and shot the intruder.

"I just fired a shot at him. He was standing right there. I just fired one shot and my gun jammed," Ziolkowski said.

Officials told NewsChannel5 the intruder is a 17-year-old boy. Police reports said the teen was shot in his torso and when police responded, a hand gun, a pry bar and a head scarf were laying next him.

He was transported to MetroHealth Medical Center. We are waiting to hear about his current condition.

Ziolkowski said he had to protect his property.

"The police said that I'm lucky I got him because he had a gun on him, and if he would have fired through the door, he would have got me," Ziolkowski said.

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