7 year-old girl and 22-year-old man injured in a drive-by shooting in Cleveland

CLEVELAND - A 7-year-old girl was injured in a drive-by shooting that happened just before 11 p.m. on Monday.

EMS said she was shot in the leg and was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center where she remains in good condition.

The family of the 7-year-old has released this statement regarding the incident:

We are grateful to MetroHealth for helping heal our beautiful girl. We ask the public’s help in tracking down whoever was the source of this outrageous act of violence. If you have any information, please call Cleveland Police at (216) 623-5723. We also ask that you respect our privacy at this time.

Also injured in the shooting was 22-year-old Xavier Conners, shot in the leg. He was taken to MetroHealth, treated and released.

It started with an argument at a gas station located on W.106th Street and Bellaire Road between Collins and another man. Police said the man followed the victims to W.100th Street and Loretta Avenue and began firing shots into their car. 

Following the shooting the victims stopped on the 3500 block of W.98th Street, there the girl's mother frantically called 9-1-1.

"I was driving, I don't even know. This car came out of nowhere and started shooting. My daughter's only 7 years old," the mother told dispatchers.

Neighbors were shaken up by the incident. "It could be any one of our kids here. We're tired of it. We're sick of it," Delores Gonzalez said.

"This is my life right here, you know what I'm saying?" Edwin Moriles said. He showed NewsChannel5 13 bullet holes in his home from three nearby shootings.

The suspect's car is described as a maroon Ford Taurus or a Mercury Sable.

After his release from the hospital Conners was arrested on drug charges. Police said that Collins is dating the girl's mother.

So far no arrests have been made. If you have any information on this case contact Cleveland Police at              (216) 623-5723.

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