7-Eleven, Boston Market get ready for Election Day with food-themed polls

Businesses conduct non-scientific election polls

CLEVELAND - Some northeast Ohio businesses set up their own creative, non-scientific election polling to help their customers get more involved in the upcoming presidential election.

Coffee-lovers who showed up for their morning pick-me-up at 7-Eleven on Snow Road in Parma on Wednesday were presented with a choice of coffee cup colors: Barack Obama blue or Mitt Romney red.

7-Eleven held what it called its own "7-Election." When customers made their color selection and purchased their coffee, the bar code registered their choice to the company's website where results were collected.

Customers felt the promotion helped get more citizens involved in the political process.

"I think it could make people more aware of getting out there and voting because it's very important and I think everybody should," said Jim Brzoska of Brunswick.

Neutral, green cups were also available for those customers who wanted to keep their presidential choice secret.

Boston Market on Ridge Road in Brooklyn conducted their own bowl poll. Customers chose between left-wing chicken and right-wing turkey bowls. They then went on the company's website, Facebook or Twitter to cast their vote.

"Definitely trying to get people into the election, trying to get more younger people to start voting because this is really important to us," said shift manager Alex Sanders.

Sonja Dey of Cleveland felt the bowl poll helped get her ready for Election Day.

"I've never voted before so I am going to vote," said Dey. "I'm signed up to vote but I never voted. I'm so excited."

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