3 convicted of reckless homicide for arranging the sale of heroin to fatal overdose victim

CLEVELAND - Three were convicted of reckless homicide after prosecutors said they helped to arrange a heroin sale that led to a fatal overdose.

Mark Farrar, 22, of Cleveland; Kei Niedra, 23, of North Ridgeville; and Michele Pfaff, 20, of Cleveland; pleaded guilty to one count each of reckless homicide and trafficking. Pfaff also pleaded guilty to one count of possession of criminal tools and was sentenced to one year in prison. Farrar and Niedra were sentenced to nine months.

Prosecutors said that Farrar put the victim, Lanny David Gullion III of Grafton, in contact with a heroin dealer last October. Gullion, 19, was found dead about a block from the site of the sale Oct. 10.

Prosecutors said Niedra drove Gullion to meet Michael Karkoska, 23, of North Ridgeville at a Circle K on Cleveland's West side to buy heroin. Karkoska, who is awaiting trial, is charged with involuntary manslaughter after prosecutors allege he sold the heroin to Gullion.

Pfaff assisted Karkoska's drug dealing enterprise, prosecutors said.

“This case should send a clear message to those involved with dangerous drugs,” said Assistant County Prosecutor Mahmoud Awadallah, who prosecuted the case for the State of Ohio. “If you help someone obtain drugs, or help someone sell drugs, or do the actual selling yourself, you will be held responsible for your actions. You will be prosecuted.”

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