23-year-old Cleveland man charged with K-9 assault during Saturday chase

PARMA, Ohio - A 23-year-old Cleveland man is out of the hospital and behind bars, charged with assaulting a K-9 officer during a chase Saturday in Parma.

Harold Williams III faces other charges in connection to punching the K-9 cop after a police pursuit shortly before midnight.

Parma said a speeding Monte Carlo down Broadview Road prompted the pursuit and ended with Williams crashing his car into a building.

K-9 Tyson was released because officers said Williams wouldn't comply with their commands. That's when Williams reportedly punched Tyson several times in the ribcage. 

Tyson wasn't seriously hurt. He did bite Williams in his upper left arm and held him down for police to make the arrest.

Authorities found a bag of jewelry in Williams' car and are trying to figure out where it came from.

A court date for Williams is not yet known.

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