Busiest mailing day of the year approaches, USPS offers advice on when to send Christmas gifts

CLEVELAND - USPS Regional Spokesman, David Van Allen, said leading up to the Christmas holiday, Monday December 16, is the busiest mailing day. Fifteen billion cards and letters will be delivered between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

"We're expecting an uptick of three times our normal volume. On a regular day we might have a million pieces of mail go through our system here in Cleveland, up to 3 million on that day," said Van Allen.

Locally, the next two Sundays, USPS will be processing mail. So you'll notice letter carriers out delivering mail.

Here are some shipping deadlines you need to follow so your letters and packages get to where they need to go before the holiday.

1. First class: ship out by December 20

2. Priority mail: ship out by December 21

3. Priority express: mail by December 23




and...another option --
log onto usps dot com....you can set up an account and do all your mailing from home --

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