Service dog in need of new home after owner dies

Special owner needed for Geneva

Chardon, OH. - Geneva's had a rough few years. The dog was abandoned three years ago in the Cleveland Metroparks. She was flea infested, barely able to walk and had cancer. A woman spotted the dog and rescued it.

Geneva was adopted by her rescuer and made sure the dog received the care that she needed. The dog is now in good health and never left her new owners side.

After regaining her health, the dog was soon trained by Carol Peter of Cold Nose Companions, LLC. Geneva readily followed her commands and was eager to pick up anything dropped by it's owner - such as remote controls.

"Geneva's owner had a bad back so I got her to pick up things in her mouth," said Peter.

Geneva-On-The-Lake was a favorite place for the dogs owner to spend her summer. That's why she decided to call her new pet "Geneva".

Sadly, Geneva's owner recently passed away. Now this very special dog is in need of a home once again.

"Because she was with her adoptive mom 24/7, Geneva is really an attention hog. She's used to having someone there" said Peter.

Geneva is good with children but would prefer living in a home with adults.

If you think you can provide a new home for a very special animal, contact Gretchen Kocher at 216-262-5372 or email

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