Geneva's Ferrante Winery reports losing 100 percent of 2014 crop due to brutal, cold temperatures

GENEVA, Ohio - The brutal winter weather took a toll on the roads in and around Cleveland, but the wine industry in Northeast Ohio took an even bigger hit.

Ferrante Winery in Geneva reported to NewsChannel5 Wednesday that the company has lost 100 percent of its crop for 2014.

The winery reports losing a significant part of the vines to the massive influx in temperatures this winter.

The fate of the vines is unknown at this time. On June 1 Ferrante Winery owners will determine if the vines will need to be replanted.

It will take three years to recover the crop if the winery has to replant the vines.

Ferrante said the company had a bumper crop last year and they ended up with more grapes than a normal harvest year. They are hoping that crop will carry them through this year's tough loss. 

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