Cavs fan who ran onto court last year urging Lebron James to come back to CLE hopes for his return

ASHTABULA, Ohio - James Blair, 22, likes playing hoops, but he loves watching LeBron James play basketball. “Deep down I believe he's coming home,” Blair said.

Blair's Ashtabula bedroom is adorned with James posters, pictures and there's even a pair of LeBron's shoes he was handed during a tour of LeBron's Akron offices.

Blair created the Come Home LebBon website.

“I just wanted to show fans support him, if he wants to come back,”  Blair said.

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Blair was arrested in March 2013 and received national attention after he ran on to the court in Cleveland wearing a shirt urging LeBron to come back in 2014.

He shook LeBron's hand, who was playing for Miami.

Blair was surprised by what happened next.

“He high fived me and tweeted me,” Blair said.

Blair, who was featured in ESPN Magazine, believes LeBron's decision will happen this week and will go down fast.

"I think he'll go through his agent and no drama like last time,” Blair said.

If LeBron comes back to Cleveland, Blair won't be watching in person.

He can't. He's still banned from the Q Arena for running on to the court.

“I'd be excited,  but I can't go to the arena, I just want Cleveland to have a chance to win a championship,”  Blair said.

Blair emailed an apology to the Cavs for running onto the court.

He can appeal again next year to have his ban from Cavs games lifted.

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