No bond for Nate Summerfield accused of killing Ashland mother Lynn Jackenheimer

DARE COUNTY, N.C. - A judge in North Carolina denied bond for Nate Summerfield, who's accused of murdering his estranged girlfriend, Lynn Jackenheimer, while vacationing in the Outer Banks.

WVEC reported Summerfield was soft-spoken in court, but acknowledged the charges against him.

Summerfield is charged with murdering Jackenheimer over the July Fourth holiday weekend and dumping her body in some brush about 30 minutes from their beach cottage. Summerfield then drove Jackenheimer's kids back home to Ashland, dropped them off at a family friend's house and disappeared, police said.

A monthlong manhunt finally led authorities to catch Summerfield at a Wadsworth hotel last week.

At a hearing in Medina County on Friday, Summerfield waived his extradition and was sent to Dare County, N.C. the following day.

Andy Womble was appointed as Summerfield's public defender.

Officials in North Carolina told WVEC that Summerfield has been "very cooperative since he's been in custody."

A Grand Jury will see evidence on Sept. 10. A probable cause hearing will be next and could take place on Sept. 28.

Depending on how quickly the District Attorney's Office can gather all the evidence -- and whether or not it's a death penalty case -- will determine when Summerfield will go on trial. It could be 2014 before the proceedings begin.

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