Ashland County Sheriff's Office looking for missing mom and boyfriend

ASHLAND, Ohio - The Ashland County Sheriff's Office confirms deputies are searching for two missing people -- and the FBI is now involved in the case.

Ashland resident, 33-year-old Lynn Jackenheimer and her boyfriend, 27-year-old Nathan Summerfield were reported missing over the weekend.

According to the Ashland County Sheriff's Office, Jackenheimer took a vacation to Nags Head, North Carolina, with Summerfield and two children, but Jackenheimer never returned.

Captain Carl Richert told NewsChannel5 that Summerfield drove away Sunday after dropping off the children, a 3-year-old and a 13-year-old, at the homes of family friends in Ashland.

The kids, according to officials, are OK.

Richert said the search for the couple is extensive. Police are looking for them anywhere from Ashland, Ohio, to Nags Head, N.C.

Patrol officers have pictures of Jackenheimer and Summerfield and are searching the streets. Officers are also looking for a silver Honda Civic Summerfield was driving.

The license plate is FMV7540.

The Ashland County Sheriff's Office said it does not have any leads. Ashland Police and the Nags Head Police Department, along with the FBI, are also working on the case.

If you know anything, police are asking you call the sheriff's office detective bureau at 419-289-3911.

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