The Ruff Report: They call her Miss Priss, Prissy if you're family

2-year-old Pekingese takes over the Ruff REport

The reason I like doing these stories is because I know first hand how pet owners love to brag about their wonderful cat or dog or both. But every now and then I receive an e-mail from an actual pet who wants to tell me about their interesting personality.

So, ladies and gentlemen get ready to meet this weeks featured dog. You'll love her.

Here's what she wrote:
Hi name is Miss Priss my family calls me Prissy. I am 2 years old and a Pekingese. My family was kind enough to take me in when my old owner could no longer care for me. I LOVE MY NEW FAMILY! My mom Kim buys me nice closes for me to strut around in.

I am enclosing some of the pictures. my brother (or that is what I call him is a miniature schnauzer he is 8 years old) he is fun to aggravate but he tolerates me. We play tug-a-war with his favorite toy. I love it when my dad takes me and Trucker (my brother) for our evening walk. I also like snuggling in dad's lap with Trucker.

One of my favorite past times is looking out the windows which there are many and announcing when some of the neighborhood cats move around or even humans. My family doesn't need a mechanical doorbell as I never need batteries and work even in a power outage.

My most favorite thing to do is to lick bare feet. So if you are visiting and don't want your feet cleaned keep your feet covered I am not picky about whose feet I clean. And I never complain about anyone petting me or snuggling with me.

Well Miss Priss, I mean Prissy, I think you look great in your outfits. Pink is your color!  I like the fact that you're into looking your best but we need to chat about licking bare feet until they're.....uh squeaky clean?!

If you have a dog or cat and you're ready to let the world know send me their story and some pictures. Because if you don't, there's a good possibility your pet will. (smile)

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