Hospital accomodations aren't always the best for Dad

This post in not intended to be a complaint, but just outline some of my thoughts on the accommodations for Dad at the hospital.

When I walked into the hospital room, the first thing I was spotted the horrible green chair. The chair was wrapped in pleather and screamed back and neck problems. It probably should have had the name of a chiropractor on it somewhere. I know I shouldn’t complain, but the accommodations for an expecting dad are not that grand. A bed that pulls out from a chair is never going to be comfortable. But neither is giving birth.

Another thing that had me wondering was, that during breakfast, lunch, and dinner the hospital only fed mom. I understand it from a cost and insurance standpoint, that the person in the hospital bed is the patient and dad is an onlooker. My advice to a new dad heading into the hospital for the first time is to take some snacks, and know when the time is right to get out and eat. Food always make us feel better, especially if you haven't eaten in over a day. Another thing I didn’t realize is that some hospital cafeterias open and close during the day, so know that schedule and it will save some disappointment.

Outside of the accommodations, my time in the hospital was spent caring and comforting Mandi. All the squeezing hand talk and cursing your friends tried to prepare you for, isn't going to happen, at least not in my case. I held Mandi’s hand until it was so hot and sweaty I had to take a second and wipe it off. She never tried to turn my knuckles into dust or call me every vulgar name under the sun.

The room and the accommodations are going to be the first thing that you forget so don’t dwell on what. It's really not that important. Your focus will quickly shift to the delivery and then your baby, and all the rest won’t matter.

I didn’t starve and my back has gotten rid of the scoliosis that I developed from the pleather covered green chair. I will try to keep the complaining entries to a minimum, but if you're an expecting dad, be prepared.

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