Finding time to do anything with a new baby

Dishes need done

CLEVELAND - Making it work at home the first few weeks is going to be hard, and I knew that, but it was a lot harder than I would have imagined.

Every new mother is going to get some time off from work and that time off depends on a lot of variables. We are blessed that Mandi is going to be off at least nine weeks and that makes it a little easier on me since I had to go back to work right away to avoid using all my vacation the first couple weeks of the year.

I have always done something around the house to keep my lovely wife happy (yeah, that was written with a giant grin). During the pregnancy, my work load increased with every month that went by, but so did her's. With no dishwasher in the kitchen, time spent over the sink increased dramatically. He only eats two or three ounces at a time right now, and you would think finding time to clean those bottles would be easy, but not with every feeding being two to three hours apart and a new bottle being used every time. Bottles start to pile up in the sink until all 12 of them are dirty, and Mason is screaming to be fed. Now that might sound lazy, but if the baby is sleeping you better be taking a break or taking care of whatever else has been neglected around the house.

Life revolves around an awake baby and the second he closes his eyes, it's time to get some work done or pass out. I always laughed at the word power nap. Not anymore. A power nap is all that we get around here these days.

For those of you thinking, "when do I have time to write these blog posts?" It’s 3:13 a.m. right now on Saturday. Mason is.......I was going to say sleeping, but every time you think you're getting something done, he starts making that, 'I’m hungry sound.'”

It’s now 4:17a.m.

Ok he’s fed and asleep again. For how long is anyone’s guess. I have one bottle left in the cupboard so I have to cut this one short and move on to other pressing issues.

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