Danita's Dish: The 'man cave' and the men who live there

CLEVELAND - We've all heard the term "man cave."  It's a male sanctuary where men rule and women are not allowed. If you are married or happen to live with a member of the male species, you are very familiar with this particular room in your house. The man cave takes on the character of the male who inhabits it.

Ladies, don't try to sneak your way into the cave armed with cleaning supplies and 10 cans of Febreeze. You will be escorted out and told never to return. Can you tell I'm still healing from the incident?

Anyway, the golden rule of the man cave is that there are no rules. Except for the very obvious one, that women are not allowed to tread on its sacred ground. After all, the "mantuary" is the one place in the house where a man can do whatever he wants, how he wants, and when he wants with no input from the lady of the house.

But for the women who are reading this, I have encouraging news. Man caves help men relax, de-stress, and chill out after a stressful day or week. So let them go in there and shut the door. And when they come out, they will be nice and pliable. Don't be surprised if they say they're ready to tackle some of the items on the "Honey Do" list.  And in some cases don't be surprised if the list goes untouched.

It's not easy to accept that there is a room in your house that's probably dusty, decorated with empty soda cans, half eaten potato chip bags and a Styrofoam container with chicken wing bones. It's hard to sleep knowing there's probably dirty socks on the floor, pictures on the wall that have nothing to do with the home's decor, and a red wine stain covered up with a welcome mat that's made for outside. Oops, I apologize. I thought I had put this behind me. Let me move on.

Yes, man caves exist and they're not going anywhere. The men in our lives need a personal retreat to kind of let their hair down.

These are the men we love. Be it a father, husband, or boyfriend they deserve to have an area that is exclusively theirs. But  I have to be honest, it may hurt your feelings a bit when you're locked out of the space or when your husband puts up the baby gate to keep you and your toddler son out of the cave.

You may develop an attitude and tell your husband to spend the night in the man cave since he loves it so much. Maybe you'll say something like, "I don't need to come in there and be with you in your stinky man cave."  Let me take a deep breath because I think I'm still a little sensitive about this subject.

Man caves. They are a good thing. Men, you deserve to have them. Be free. Enjoy your junk food in peace. Watch sports all day and night. Shut the door. Continue to act like you don't hear your wife call you to help bring in the groceries. Really. It's ok.

Winter nights are coming.

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