Danita's Dish: Hillary Clinton wants to relax and enjoy a little "me" time

CLEVELAND - It's one week after the presidential election and we're already talking about who should run in 2016. The name that is front and center for the Democrats is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Hillary, Hillary, Hillary! It's as if  her identity has become first name Hillary, last name 2016.

Well I love her response to all of the hype around her possible 2016 presidential run. Hillary told the New York Times she needs rest, exercise, and a daily dose of home improvement television shows. She needs some exhale time to unwind from having two decades of being in the political, public eye. Just like the rest of us, she understands the importance of giving herself balance. Before she makes any major decisions about her next career move, she's investing in a little "me" time and I applaud her for that.

As a person who struggles with creating a balance in my own life, reading her response to all of the subtle demands for her to make some type of declaration now has encouraged me to make "me" time more of a priority. Women are natural multi-taskers. We believe we can do it all and sustain that energy producing the same quality results. But it doesn't work that way, does it?

We all have to invest in ourselves if we want others to buy what we're selling. As Secretary of State, Hillary has traveled all over the world handling foreign affairs. But in the New York Times article she stated that she wants to take some time to travel for fun. Wow! What a concept. She acknowledges that work is great but it would be better to sprinkle her life with a little bit of fun.

What a great message. I love broadcasting and feel blessed to have a career doing something that makes a difference in the lives of people. But I also love to travel to places where nobody knows Danita Harris NewsChannel5, where nobody cares if my makeup is perfect, my clothes are current, or if I can recite the top three news stories of the day.

It is my responsibility to give that to myself. Hillary stated, "I would like to see whether I can get untired," in the article. I know many of us run here and run there juggling work and family responsibilities. But when was the last time you gave yourself a chance to get "untired"?

I'm trying to get better about it and hopefully you are too. Take some time out for you and enjoy being in your own space. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate or expensive, just something that's significant to you.

So, whether Hillary runs for the presidency or not in 2016, I appreciate her decision to take time out and enjoy life. I respect the fact that she's choosing to take care of her own house, before focusing on The White House.

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