Danita's Daily Dish: Words of wisdom from Nicki Minaj?

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This week I was intrigued by an interview I watched on ABC's "The View." By the way, I watch "The View" every day with a cup of coffee and whatever food item I don't burn in my kitchen. The person may surprise you because it certainly surprised me, Nicki Minaj.

Minaj is a pop artist who has evolved into a pop phenomenon. Does she wear kooky costumes? Yes. Does she have a potty-mouth? Yes. Would her rear end win a big booty contest? You betcha. But what I heard from her on "The View" this week, made me look at her in a totally different way.

She stated that she knows she's a little "strange" but she is comfortable with being different. Minaj wanted her fans, especially the girls, to know that you don't have to be like everybody else to be strong and confident. Stand out and stand strong. WOW, was this coming from the very controversial Nicki Minaj? Yes it was.  The rapper/singer was telling her fans it's OK to be different. Be who you are and be proud of who you are. Well, she got a thumbs up from me for saying that.

But it gets better.

She told the hosts that she wishes she had grown up in a more strict household. Minaj said her mother used to let her skip school if she woke up late because she got good grades. She wanted a mother who would say attendance in school is important everyday. Minaj firmly believes in education and knows it is an important key to success. Now I have two thumbs up in the air.

But it gets even better.

One of her last comments stressed her conviction of women not depending on a man for their well-being. Women should be independent. Self-sufficient. High self-esteem. Hard working. Minaj went on to explain that platinum rapper and recording artist Lil Wayne signed her to his label, but she did the work to develop herself as a brand. Minaj has her own perfume which she is very proud of. She controls everything from what she wears to where and when she performs. Nicki Minaj - she is woman  hear her roar. Now I am cheering and clapping my hands in the kitchen as Minaj proudly proclaims her independence.

So, who would have thought? Beyond all the colorful costumes and strong language is a young woman who believes in herself. Whether you agree with her fashion sense, music choice, or choice words that seem to flow out of her mouth so fluently, she is confident in who she is as a person. I can respect that.

Lesson learned - don't judge a book by its cover. It may be an interesting read.

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