Checking in with Chase: Preschool, pizza, and lots of play time

CLEVELAND - What has Chase been up to lately? I can answer that in one word - everything.

My son is always doing something from the time he wakes up until he literally collapses at night. The biggest change has been his progression to preschool. But we're not allowed to say the word preschool. Chase prefers that we refer to it as "the big kids room."

Chase has a sense of pride about being in the "big kids room." It has elevated him to a different level in regards to how he sees himself. He says, "Mommy, I'm in the big kids room now." To him, it's like an elite club of friends that he gets to play with everyday. There are names that I hear on a frequent basis when he talks about his day. Gavin and Emma are the top two on the list. They are his peeps, his crew, his partners in playtime.

As a parent, I enjoy seeing my son so excited about going to school, oops, I mean "big kids room" and making new friends. I got so tickled the other day when Chase grabbed my hands and said Mommy let's dance. Then he said "1,2,3, 1,2, 3" as he attempted to waltz me around the room. He is such a little gentleman.

When it comes to feeding this little ball of energy, his requests have become very clear. The boy absolutely loves pizza, pepperoni pizza to be exact. I want to believe he is chewing the food but at times it seems like he inhales the slices. Pizza, pizza, pizza is Chase's favorite word.

If you ask Chase what time is it he will quickly tell you it's playtime! Playtime exists during all of his waking hours. And yes, I love being his play buddy. Lots of fun, lots of running, lots of games, lots of running, lots of dancing, and  lots of running. You get the picture don't you? Sometimes I feel like I'm in the movie "Chasing Chase The Sequel!"

He is my little energizer bunny and it's a blessing to have a happy, healthy little boy.

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