Checking in with Chase: Holiday cheer gives Chase a great attitude and even more energy

CLEVELAND - Christmas is over but the spirit lives on in my son Chase. He is still on cloud nine, waking up in a great mood with a big cheesy smile on his face. The tree has been put away, the lights taken down, but Chase illuminates every room of the house with his positive energy. It's like he's in Happy Land all day long.

As a parent, this brings me great joy. I love seeing him run around the house constantly, leaving his new toys in every room of the house and screaming loudly into his karaoke microphone that my parents bought him for Christmas. 

Yes, pure joy is exactly how I would define it. He's actually come up with an original song that he likes to scream, I mean sing. The lyrics are " You made a mess, You made a mess. And you did it by yourself. Clean it up. You can do it." Uh, yeah I may have said some of those phrases to him at one time or another. Point is, it's now a rap song.

And then there's Batman. Batman is everywhere and so is his batmobile with little pieces that I find under tables, chairs and in between the cushions of my couch. Buzz Lightyear is still a Chase favorite and makes frequent appearances at the dinner table -- and an occasional ride in the back seat of my car.

But the the big surprise from Santa was a brand new Cadillac Escalade with a working FM radio and shiny rims. Chase loves his new car. He enjoys sitting in it and listening to the radio with one of his toy sidekicks in the passenger seat. We took him out driving on Christmas morning and he thought he was one cool little boy.

Yes, it was a very good Christmas. Chase is still flying on cloud nine and I am trying to recover from my holiday hangover: food, family, friends, 25 viewings of the Muppet movie, 50 viewings of Charlie Brown's Christmas and my daily dose of "You Made A Mess." But I will survive. This toddler will not beat me. I am stronger, wiser, taller, oh God I feel so much older.

Chase is three months shy of turning three and I'm not sure how smooth that transition will be. But I'm confident his energy won't diminish. Which means I am in for more fun-filled, action packed days with my little guy.

My next installment will be called "Checking in with Mommy...from the spa!"

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