Checking in with Chase: Friends, family and fun keeps Chase happy and on the go

It's hard for me to believe that Chase is 4 years old. Time is really flying by and I must admit there are moments when I miss him being a little baby.

What I treasure the most right now  is our time together, laughing, playing, singing and doing silly dances. I still give him lots of kisses and I tell him every day how much I love him.

Chase is a very active boy who enjoys soccer, tae kwan do, and his latest accomplishment "riding the big bike." As I've mentioned in my previous blogs, my son still loves to sing. He sings in the morning, in the midday, in the evening and sometimes even the midnight hour. He hasn't found a microphone yet that he doesn't like. Chase is quite the entertainer and enjoys  performing for his parents, grandparents, friends and yes, even our dog Justin.

What's interesting is that he's very versatile in his music selections. He can sing Disney songs, Kidz Bop tunes, church music and he does a little free style rap...I must share his "Lemonade" rap video with you one day, it's definitely an original.

Yes, I am having a great time with Chase. He's my special little guy and he loves being with his mommy. That is unless Haleigh is with him.

Chase and Haleigh have been playmates since they were infants. They are a few months apart in age and have always gotten along very well. Haleigh's mother is a member of our church and one of my mentees, so she's been hanging out with Chase for quite some time.

It is very clear to everybody that when Haleigh enters the room, Chase will kick all of us to the curb and zero in on her. He focuses on playing with his friend Haleigh and nothing else matters. These two are so cute together it just tickles me.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of Chase and Haleigh, they are an adorable pair, whether they're on the playground, running around or celebrating each other's birthday they love playing together. Chase has told me he thinks Haleigh is very pretty, and I always say "yes she is". From the looks of the picture above, it doesn't seem like he has a problem letting her drive him around either!

Chase has added so much joy to my life and being his mom is absolutely wonderful!

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