Chasing Chase: 'Walk away mommy, walk away!'

The adventures of Chase continue to keep my mind, body and soul active at all times. His energy has been super-sized and his desire to entertain all who will listen is an everyday occurrence.

My son wakes up with a bright smile, and a kiss and a hug for me. He's very sweet. He's very loving. For 2 minutes, I believe this day will be different. But when those 2 minutes are up, he changes into a little man, who has lots of demands.

It's the same routine every morning: Mommy get my drink. Mommy, the remote. Mommy, Mickey Mouse. Mommy, sit down. (Must watch at least 5 minutes of Mickey with him)

After about an hour of the Disney Channel and sometimes PBS, Chase says, "Mommy, teeth."  This is a good thing. He loves to brush his teeth. He just doesn't like doing it alone. He wants me to brush my teeth while he's brushing his. It's a wonderful visual. Mother and son standing in front of the bathroom sink, brushing our teeth. God forbid I stop brushing before he does. He quickly reminds me that I must continue. As if he's some pint-size dentist that knows I missed a few spots.

I proceed to get him all washed up so he's a lean, clean machine. But before I dress him for the day, I must chase him around the house a few times. He always ends up in my bathroom at the towel rack. My son loves to sing, so I know what's about to happen. The towel rack is the microphone, he's the star and I'm the captivated audience. And so it begins. A good 5 to 7 minutes of music that ranges from Beyonce and Alicia Keyes to Kirk Franklin and Vashawn Mitchell.

Now it's time to get dressed. I attempt to lotion his body and I hear Chase say, "Walk away mommy, walk away." What? He repeats the phrase and puts a little more attitude behind it. So in my firm mommy tone, I let him know that I am not walking away and he is going to be still so that I can complete my lotion mission. In my mind I'm saying, "Who does this little boy think he is? He's not the boss of me! Telling me to walk away from him because he doesn't want me to put lotion on his body." He will not walk out of my house ashy and dry. No way. Not ever.

So I finished dressing him and he immediately goes to the full length mirror to take a look at himself. He dances, makes funny faces, laughs at himself and then starts singing again. I decide that I'm going to sing with him and dance in front of the mirror too. As soon as I start singing he says, "No, mommy, no. Walk away, mommy, walk away."

OK, now I am getting a little tired of being kicked to the curbed by Chase. My ego is a little bruised because I thought I had a decent singing voice. I mean, I know I'm no Mahalia Jackson or Gladys Knight, but I try to hold a note. Once again, he wants me out of his space.

I'm not going to continue this back and forth with my toddler. I pick him up and tell him I'm taking him to daycare to be with his people. You know who I'm talking about. The Toddler Nation. I drive him to daycare and I guess I just needed to vent. I start to tell his teachers about my hurt feelings because Chase wants me to "walk away."

They smile and inform me that instead of telling the kids to "move" away from a situation they tell them to "walk away." Chase must have been told that a lot because he has successfully incorporated the phrase into his vocabulary. Finally, I laugh it off and Chase looks at me and smiles. He blows me a kiss and says "I love you." And at that moment he melts my heart.

I love being Chase's mom. He's funny, loving and quite entertaining. So until my next installment, walk away...

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