Chasing Chase: Toddler power! Faster than a speeding bullet and cute as a button

Welcome to Chase's World. That's where I live, breathe, and basically try to keep up with my toddler son. I've heard many stories about the terrible 2's, but I was not prepared for this constant activity that Chase brings to my life. As soon as his little feet touch the floor in the morning he takes off.  Oh, and I must tell you he wakes up with a song on his heart every day. Some days it's Justin Bieber's "Oh Baby" song, then he sings a little gospel and it all ends with one loud Hallelujah!

I am happy to say that he is doing great with going on the potty. He has surprised me with how quickly he's adjusted to his mini throne. One day he literally had me cracking up because he was sitting on the potty with his Chuck E. Cheese crown on his head. He then starts singing "I won't go back, I can't go back, to the way it used to be." These are lyrics to one of his favorite gospel songs. He sat there so comfortably and began to belt out this tune with such confidence that it floored me. Sometimes I feel like my little boy has an old spirit.

Frequently, I tell Chase not to do something and he looks at me with that killer smile as to say, Mommy you know you can't say no to this face. I'll admit I fall for his charms sometimes, but most of the time I am strong and I put my foot down with him. Then he cries and yells "Daddy, Daddy." When my husband tells him no he cries and says , "Mommy. Mommy." The kid is learning how to work the system at an early age.

One thing that hasn't changed is Chase's love for Elmo. He is Elmo crazy. He has Rockin' Elmo, an Elmo chair, sneakers, shirts, pajamas, cups,  and toothbrush. He adores the fuzzy muppet so much that the house must be silent when it's time to watch Elmo's World on Sesame Street. Just today he was watching Elmo and my goddaughter began to talk to me about something. I guess she didn't get the memo because Chase quickly turned around and gave her the shhh sound. This kid is hilarious.

There's never a dull moment in our household with Chase keeping us busy. But there's also this very sweet and cuddly side to him as well. He loves to cuddle up to you when he's sleepy. Chase loves a nice warm hug and welcomes all kisses on those cute cheeks of his. And if you fall asleep before he does, he wakes you up with a kiss on the cheek. Nice moments that I will always treasure.

So stay tuned for the many adventures of Chase. I have a feeling I ain't seen nothing yet.

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