Chasing Chase: New phrases, Elmo and the fastest toddler sprinter in the Midwest

So what's new with my son Chase you ask?

Let's start with two words: it's mine. Chase has fallen in love with these two words and says them whenever he lays claim to things that aren't his.

Things like my smart phone and my husband's iPad. There was a time when I could use my phone without interruption. That time has passed. My husband could use his iPad without two little hands pulling it away from him. That time has passed. It's a new day and Chase is voicing his opinion quite clearly and at times LOUDLY.

Chase is a smart, little boy and he knows what to say to make mommy forget about those two little words that he loves to say so much. So, he also says "love you," "thank you," and "please."

Ah, that makes me feel so much better. And if he really wants to get me all warm and fuzzy inside he starts singing "How Great is Our God"-the Chase version, and then I hug him and kiss those little cheeks of his.

Another change in Chase is his love of Elmo. He used to be all about Mickey Mouse and he still likes the famous Disney character, but Elmo has taken over. Now, he wears Elmo PJs and he loves to sit in his Elmo chair while I read to him. He always smiles when he says "Elmo" and it's cute to hear.

I've also noticed that Chase loves to march. He will march through house chanting, "march, march, march." Of course, I join in and start marching with him, following his lead, of course. Sometimes he will let me march in front of him, but I know when not to push it. When General Chase is giving out the march commands it's best to stay in step and don't get out of line.

But all parents know that toddlers do more than walk and march around the house. Toddlers love to run. Chase is no exception to this truth and he keeps me running right after him. It's amazing to me because he takes off with lightening speed. It's not a jog but a full, blown out sprint to the finish. One minute he's standing next to me and the next second he's half way to his next destination.

His nickname right now should be Speedy because he's the fastest toddler sprinter in the Midwest. It's like he wakes up full and energy and ready to sprint the quarter mile.

We are a few months away from his second birthday and I've heard lots of interesting things about 2-year-olds. I would love to hear from you on what really happens when your child turns 2. More phrases? More running?

Can't wait to read your comments.

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